Fly Guy, the Musical

Fly Guy, the Musical

Open Date: 
8 Apr 2017

A fly for a pet? Flies are pests, not pets, right? Well, young Buzz and his new friend, Liz, know otherwise, and their adventures with their winged pets have the whole town, umm, buzzing! This rollicking musical will have you cheering for the bugs and delighting in their antics, as their caring friendships help them overcome all the challenges they face.

Recommended for age 4 and up. (Children under 2 do not require tickets.)

Fly Guy the Musical is a co-commission with Oregon Children's Theatre.

Weekends, Saturday, April 8, through Sunday, June 11

Upcoming Performances
   San Francisco       Sat May 27       10:30 am    SOLD OUT
   San Francisco       Sat May 27       1:30 pm   
   San Francisco       Sun May 28       10:30 am    SOLD OUT
   San Francisco       Sun May 28       1:30 pm   
   San Francisco       Sat Jun 3       10:30 am   
   San Francisco       Sat Jun 3       1:30 pm   
   San Francisco       Sun Jun 4       10:30 am    SOLD OUT
   San Francisco       Sun Jun 4       1:30 pm   
   San Francisco       Sat Jun 10       10:30 am   
   San Francisco       Sat Jun 10       1:30 pm   
   San Francisco       Sun Jun 11       10:30 am   
   San Francisco       Sun Jun 11       1:30 pm   
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